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Past publications:


"ACCers re-create Kain’s 1916 Bugaboo Spire ascent / Des membres recréent l’ascension de Bugaboo Spire" (Alpine Club of Canada Gazette Volume 31, Issue 3 - Winter 2016)

– "Ontario mountaineers recreate legendary first ascent of Bugaboo Spire" (Canadian Geographic - 30.08.2016)

 "Q&A with Mountaineer Roger Wallis" Interview (photos by Roger Wallis - Canadian Geographic - 01.04.2016)

 "Startup Soirée :: Meet Baltimore's Game Changers" (What Weekly - 30.07.2015)

"Tribeca Film Festival Debuts Award Winning Documentary: ‘Uncertain’ " (What Weekly - 03.05.2015)

 "A Glimpse into the World of Fine Art Photography" (What Weekly - 21.04.2015)

"Leviathan: Ivan Petrov Reflects on the Award Winning Film About His Homeland" (What Weekly - 13.03.2015)

"George Squared :: Time Travelling in the Monumental City" (What Weekly - 19.02.2015)

– "Ascending Beyond Meru with Sundance Film Festival Award Winner :: Renan Ozturk" Interview (photos by Isaiah R. Winters - What Weekly - 02.02.2015)

"Baltimore Undercover :: Our Love/Hate Relationship with the First Snow" Photo Essay (What Weekly - 07.01.2015)

The Daily Herald, St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean (Print Edition - 31.03.2014)

– "Memories That Never Melt" (Alpine Club of Canada Ottawa Chapter - Winter 2010 Quarterly Newsletter)

– "The Russian Embassy, 285 Charlotte Street: A History" (Ottawa Life Magazine Volume 9, Issue 4 - Nov/Dec 2006)


"The Visual Landscape" - periodical publication concept:


Digital Pilot Edition #1 (December 2014)


Books projects:


2013 "Book of Adventures" - unique quill-written edition; leather binding collaboration with Calgary's Octavia Book Bindery; carved stone inlay with guidance of the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club.