Photography News/Documentary - AIPAD 2015 by Ivan Petrov

News/Documentary - AIPAD 2015

A woman using her smartphone’s camera to capture an AIPAD exhibit reminds us how far photography technology has come over the two centuries of its documented history. Seen here is Scott Nichols Gallery’s installation of works by prominent landscape photographer Ansel Adams. On the left is his 1944 photograph of Yosemite National Park titled “Clearing Winter Storm”. On the right is a series of 12 darkroom artifacts of his famous image “Moonrise, Hernandez” that the artist intentionally destroyed with a Wells Fargo check-cancelling machine after realizing they were printed on a defective batch of Ilfordbrom paper. The “Cancelled Moonrise Artifacts” series has questionable value but offers us a rare glimpse into Ansel Adams’ creative process by illustrating the inconsistencies and difficulties of the photographic process.