#DCA1 - The Netherlands Carillon by Ivan Petrov

#DCA1 - The Netherlands Carillon

On May 5th, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and people of Dutch heritage all around the world celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation Day. The Netherlands Carillon in Arlington, Virginia - a symbol of friendship - was presented "from the people of the Netherlands to the people of the United States" and was dedicated on May 5, 1960. Approximately 240,000 Dutch civilians died during the World War II. Many US soldiers that remained behind rest at Margraten in the south of the Netherlands. The original 49 carillon bells were inscribed with symbols representing different facets of the Dutch society. The largest bell - bourdon – is over six feed in diameter and weighs 12,654 pounds. In 1995, a 50th bell was added as a symbol of 50 years of friendship between the two countries. Hundreds of tulips that blooming in front of the memorial reminded me of the Canadian Tulip Festival that each May honours another close friendship, one between Canada and the Netherlands.