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Today the residents of Cumberland Village on the outskirts of Ottawa welcomed the official opening of The Black Walnut Bakery – a world class culinary gem offering one of the widest selection of freshly baked goods in the Ottawa region! The menu includes anything from classic croissants and amandines, to exquisite tortieres, to traditional Ukrainian makivnyks to a German-style holiday stollens with in-house made marzipan.

Owners Isaac Fouchard and Myroslava Mykytyn were well prepared for their opening day!


The Black Walnut Bakery is a child of Myroslava Mykytyn and Isaac Fouchard. Over the past year, the proud owners of city's newest bakery had to overcome many hurdles in order to make their entrepreneurial dream come true. Having rescued an old commercial property that was on the verge of demolition, Myroslava and Isaac with the help of their family and friends renovated the 150-year old house, making numerous exterior upgrades, redesigning their living space and making room for a small sit-down cafe and an industrial-grade kitchen.

The Black Walnut Bakery at Cumberland's annual Harvest Market. Over the past two summers they were busy selling baked good at local farmers' markets in and around Cumberland and catering special events for the local community.


The opening day saw an early-morning queue of customers eager to get their hands on their favorite baked creations...


...with the first official customer Greg Hamre arriving well in advance of the 8:00am opening time!


Cumberland still has all the charm of the 200-year old historical village that it is, thanks in large part to the efforts of devoted village residents, the Cumberland Community Association and the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum to preserve their heritage. Like Myroslave and Isaac, the bakery's first customers see a very bright future for the village. With a little bit of luck, the right circumstances and a few entrepreneurial minds, the village can become an even bigger heritage attraction for Ottawa and the broader national capital region.


Help celebrate this important milestone in the life of the village and be sure to stop by for the freshest coffee and tastiest baked good anytime between Wednesdays to Sundays, 8am to 5pm. The bakery will be taking a short holiday break on December 25-29 and on January 1.