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Over the past seven months I have been involved in a very interesting project witnessing the birth of a new community of entrepreneurs. What started out as an opportunity to document the inaugural StartUp Soirée​ reception for What Weekly​ Magazine, evolved into the most exciting and challenging story about a community of dedicated, creative and highly driven people celebrating ideas and local success stories. StartUp Soirée is run by four very enthusiastic individuals - Patrick Rife, Rachel Robinson, Jessica Gignac, Nicolas China - who have every intention to grow this initiative. This community is rapidly gaining momentum and support from local businesses. Join them this evening for the July edition of StartUp Soirée - the most anticipated monthly gathering of Baltimore-based business owners and entrepreneurs eager to share their experience, advice and ideas. Reflecting on my experience as I am back in Canada, StartUp Soirée may be a perfect example of a community model that Invest Ottawa​ could employ as we attempt to build similar momentum north of the border.