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Back in April, I had an exciting opportunity to interview two very talented filmmakers behind the documentary film Uncertain for Baltimore's What Weekly Magazine. Having travelled through New York City, Toronto, Seattle, and Little Rock, What Weekly readers finally have an opportunity to see the film this week at the AFI Docs Film Festival in Silver Spring on June 19 and 21. Don't miss this exciting opportunity!


Self-funded and self-produced, co-directors Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNicol premiered their feature length cinematic debut Uncertain at Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on April 16, where Anna and Ewan took home the Festival’s Albert Maysles Award for New Documentary Director.


Their new documentary is a very thorough study and portrayal of life in a small lake-side town of the same name, “Uncertain” on the border of Texas and Louisiana. I got the chance to sit down with Anna and Ewan who revealed some truly impressive life stories of Henry Lewis, an aging fishing guide at Johnson’s Ranch Marina reluctant to let go of his youth, Wayne Smith, a convicted felon with an obsession for hunting wild boar, and Zach Warren, a young diabetic struggling to stay on own two feet. In the film the audience follows these men on their fascinating journeys in search of forgiveness and redemption, while the entire community balances on the brink of extinction. An invasive aquatic weed, salvinia, threatens to overgrow the beautiful and mystical Caddo Lake – the livelihood of both people and animals.


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