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Yesterday, I ventured out to walk a relatively short 17-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail that runs through Maryland. Under pouring rain my friend Jim and I hit the trail as part of a training hike with the Mountain Club of Maryland. The rain quickly subsided to reveal a captivating and slightly eerie forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Appalachian Trail stretches for 2,189 miles from the state of Georgia in the south to Maine's Mount Katahdin in the north. As we walked southward that day, miles and miles down this trail in Tennessee two brave Canadians - Anda and Arlene - were walking towards us. Exactly one moth ago, they began their attempt to through-hike the entire trail in six months. As Anda celebrated her birthday on April 8, they passed their 300-mile mark and now have just 1,889 miles left to go. I look forward to covering the story of their adventure and the story of the Appalachian Trail over the coming months.