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I am pleased to announce my partnership with the American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF) to provide coverage of their 2015 Best of Fest event in Frederick, Maryland
on February 28, 2015:


The ACFF presents thought-provoking films that explore the connection between people and the environment. It is an annual event held in the vibrant arts community of Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The ACFF features films from a diverse group of conservation filmmakers from around the world.


The ACFF chooses films that illuminate:

- human interactions with wildlife and wild places;

- issues driven by natural resource conservation;

- humans as part of the environment and/or living in a continuum of cultural tradition;

- conservation of cultures, communities, and or lifestyles in conjunction with changes in the natural world; and

- how youth encounter and understand the natural world.


On February 28, join us in Frederick for live music, guest speakers, and three fine films from the 2014 edition fo the festival. Or submit your own film for ACFF 2015 until April 15!



Graphic courtesy of the American Conservation Film Festival.